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Peter J Forbes with Secretary Shinseki
Peter J Forbes with Secretary Shinseki

Secretary Shinseki - Is he a figment of Our Imagination?

I listened to the Five on Fox News last night and they were talking about the 40 dead Veterans so that the Director could get her Bonus, Bonus for Killing People! This is just one of the myriad of disasters to hit VETERANS through the VA Health System. If we listed all the screw ups we would have to create a whole new website.

Yes, it is Veterans that are affected, not the VA employees, Staff or Medical Unprofessionals, they go home each night with no thought of the Veterans they have killed, screwed or denied just for the sake of 30 pieces of silver. Some of the Suicides have to be caused by the VA "deny, deny, deny until I die"

I noticed the Fox 5 were saying the VA has gone to ground regarding interviews or press conferences. Yes, they cannot even answer our letters, faxes, emails or telegrams.

I have to wonder if Secy. Shinseki is really there or is he just a figment of Our Imagination? I had a great deal of respect for him and nobody but himself has eroded away that respect! He obviously is illiterate as he has never responded to the 50 odd Letters, Telegrams and Emails. He has allowed a discriminatory vendetta against Native American Veterans and myself due to me being an Australian Veteran to be perpetrated and continue under his reign.

Perhaps a course on communication skills as well Patriotism would go far to educate the VA EMPLOYEES. Yes, EMPLOYEES, they get paid well to Care For OUR Veterans. Why don't they do their jobs?

Most of the Media don't care about Veterans and it isn't just now, this has gone on since Korea and Vietnam. It would be hard to find one that fought in either war, those couple that did are blind, deaf and dumb.Our Politicians are worse as they know the indignity and disgrace goes on and they continue to warm their seats and collect their exorbitant paychecks. Professional Politicians are Parasites that continue to take money, destroy the country and stash money away or get jobs for their families, with NO thought of those that gave them the Freedom.

In the 22 years that I have been here Volunteering and assisting U.S Veterans I have seen people like Sen. John McCain, Sen. John Kerry and others do nothing for Veterans to assist their plight. There are others like them that are there for themselves and not the country. Patriots in Government! Where are they?

The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc & The Veterans Coalition have been serving Veterans for over 35 years and now the VA in its endeavor to silence us has even forgotten to put us in the list of Veterans Service Organizations.

It is time for Secy. Shinseki to resign, step aside and get someone that has communication skills, can stop the needless deaths, denials, backlog of claims, homelessness, aggressiveness, disease transfer, inadequate medical treatment, pharmaceutical malpractices and the list is endless.

What has Secy. Shinseki accomplished?

Peter J Forbes
U.S. National Commander
Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc. & The Veterans Coalition

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