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By: Peter J. Forbes

Perhaps if we could have Vets for Pets we could find better homes for them, raise more money for them so that when they are starving, ill, in despair or homeless they become well cared for.

We never worry about the color or breed of our pets, however, there is still discrimination against different races and colors of Vets.


Perhaps we could get buildings that resemble the one in photo one instead of buildings that resemble buildings in photo two.


Perhaps we could spend part of the 26% of all food purchases for Pets on Vets helping to feed them in a dignified way.

Perhaps if we saw a Vet laying on the side of the road freezing to death, we could put them on Facebook and raise 20 or 30 thousand dollars to put warm clothes on their back, fix their wounds and perhaps give them a Hand Up and not a hand out.

Before you go off your tree, take a look at the photo of my dog Brie and myself. Yes, I am an animal lover, however I have my priorities straight. My dog is part of my health program for PTSD - Something that came as a gift from Military Service and something we live with forever. No, there is NO pill to fix this.


Our Veterans, Our Messengers of Peace and Freedom are where our priorities lie - Their welfare, quality of life, transition and healthcare are our Responsibility. Yes "OUR" Responsibility. Our RESPECT, Pride, Our Oath, Promise and Commitment made to them under Our name should be our measure for the length of their lives.

Make your commitment today!
You will feel good about helping!

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