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Swift Transportation Co. Comes Through For Veterans

By: Peter J. Forbes

Swift Trailer Pickup 1Some months ago, after many contacts with Swift Transportation Co. and many other transportation companies by National Commander Peter Forbes, Swift very generously donated two 53 foot trailers to be used at the United Veterans Beacon House Programs in Promise and Parade, South Dakota. Once the building at Promise is complete all of the building materials, tools and various other supplies will need to be moved to the Parade location and these trailers will make that a much easier task.

Originally the trailers were to have been delivered to Promise, South Dakota but imagine our surprise when one day the two trailers were parked in the parking lot at the National Headquarters in Pittston, PA.

While we appreciated the donation, the real task came when we tried to get the trailers moved from Pittston, PA to South Dakota - a very expensive undertaking! It soon became apparent that the fabulous donation was not going to be moved without the kindness of a company in that line of business.

Swift Trailer Pickup 2Upon additional contact and correspondence, Swift agreed to take one of the trailers to South Dakota at no cost to the organization. John Cristea, the driver, came to National Headquarters and took on the task of moving the trailer to South Dakota. It is now in place and soon will be loaded with all kinds of materials to continue the work of helping Veterans at Parade, SD.

The Parade, SD United Veterans Beacon House is transitional housing for homeless Native American female Veterans with or without children. This unique facility will have renovation and construction begun in the Spring with many volunteers going to South Dakota to help out. If you are interested in additional information about how you can help, please contact us at or call 1-800-843-8626. You won't be sorry to have participated in this project.

Remember, we still have one trailer to move to South Dakota so if you know of anyone we can contact that would consider volunteering to do this please let us know.

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