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US Airways, Thank You for your customer service

By: Diane Cowman
Proud Mom of a United States Marine

I am writing on behalf of my son LCpl Trevin Cowman in regard to the treatment he received when checking in for his flight this morning. Admittedly, we arrived just 30 minutes before his flight due to an unexpected delay. When Trevin attempted to complete the self check-in he was unable to do so. A female agent inquired as to his flight and when he told her, she became very irate. In a raised voice she advised him that his bags could not be checked in due to him not being there 30 minutes prior to departure. He tried to explain to her it was 30 minutes but she pointed to the clock which reflected only 28 minutes prior - due to two minutes passing in the process. Please note that this attendant had my son's military ID because we had requested gate passes, therefore knew he was a United States Marine. We asked for her help in resolving this matter and she indicated there was nothing she could do. This agent then walked over to another female agent and loudly conveyed the situation. Both of these agents then returned to us and both addressed us in a loud and rude manner, chastising us for our late arrival. I asked them to please lower their voices and help us to get our son and his bags back to his base. They reiterated they could not help us. At this time, a male attendant named Bob approached and said he would personally walk my son's bags to the plane, emphasizing "even if I break my back I will get those bags to the plane." Needless to say Bob was my son's savior and we are so very thankful for him. After his offer the two female agents quietly walked away. I am not sure if they felt ashamed for their behavior but they absolutely should. As someone who has worked in customer service for years I know that NO ONE should be treated the way my son was by those two female agents. I also know that our military personnel ALWAYS deserve our utmost respect for their service to our country - nothing less. Thanks to Bob for knowing that and being a representative your company can be proud of. To the other two agents - shame on you. I do not know when my son will be home again but do know he will be flying one of the other airlines when he does. Thank you for your time!

Diane Cowman

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