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United Veterans Beacon House Stories

From Eggs To Chickens!

At the United Veterans Beacon House in Promise, South Dakota there is a unique story to be told. Months ago Peter Forbes suggested that there would be a need for fresh eggs in Promise where there will be thirteen male Veterans housed. The Veterans would also need something to do to occupy their time at the house and they would have to find ways to contribute to the household. So... the chicken story began.

Meanwhile at the International Headquarters in Pittston, PA eggs began to arrive along with incubators and turners. The staff at HQ was going to take the project from just eggs to chicks that would then go to SD to be part of the program. The chicks were transported via van to their new home in the outdoors of South Dakota. Temporary structures housed the chicks while their permanent coop was being constructed.

The new "TAJ MAHAL" saw the involvement of many with the completion just before the really cold weather came into SD.

The pictures show the chickens and their "TAJ MAHAL" coop from its humble beginnings to its near completion. This was accomplished with the hard work of volunteers who have come to care about these roosters and hens. This is just one more way that the project is moving forward.






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