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Veterans Fund of the United States is a 501(C)(3) charitable corporation and all donated materials and moneys are tax deductible.

United Veterans Beacon House Stories

South Dakota "Toad in a Hole"

SD Toad In A Hole
South Dakota "Toad In A Hole"

This is our friendly SD Toad who lives in the Boiler Room and floor drain, has been eating the bugs and crickets for over two years. If he keeps eating the way he has been he won't fit into the floor drain. As all know in SD, bugs are a part of life. If you leave the Boiler Door open Toad travels through the house up and down the stairs and checks out every room that is open and picks up any bug morsel that is on offer. He then always ends up back in the Boiler Room. Our Toad in the Hole is much better looking than the one below.

English Toad In A Hole
English "Toad In A Hole"

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