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United Veterans Beacon House Stories

South Dakota Report

Another trip to the UVBHs in Promise & Parade, South Dakota

SD-Report_Photo1This is another report on our trip to the United Veteran Beacon Houses in Parade and Promise, South Dakota in February, 2008. We got quite a lot done with only seven people and three weeks to do it in. We got the boiler working in Promise and got the downstairs bathrooms framed in. We can now start work on the tearing out of the back wall to make the room larger so we can start on framing in the rooms for our homeless Veterans. We also have to get ready to pour cement for the sunroom at the back of the building.

SD-Report_Photo2We really got a lot of work done on at the house in Parade. We actually raised the house two feet and we did this with only seven people under the direction of Peter Forbes. His engineering skills certainly came into play as we all wondered how this raising would actually work out. Please look at the pictures of what we did as this was quite an undertaking. We cut the building lengthwise and then jacked it up two feet. We did this by raising it four inches at a time until it was at the right height and then securing it. Then we had to fill in the two-foot gap around the building. We also installed six windows and it really changed the whole appearance of the building. I can't tell you how much of a job this was. Just ask any contractor if they have ever heard of someone doing this. Then show them the pictures. Peter got the job done once again.

SD-Report_Photo3While out there one of my friends and fellow Veteran Owen R. Ducheneaux passed away from cancer. Owen served in the Marines and was a great friend to this organization. I had the great honor of guarding his casket and being part of the firing team. It was very interesting to be part of a Native American funeral and an honor to be there.We are heading back out to South Dakota in April and May of 2008 and still needs lots of workers. Here is your chance to help your fellow Veterans and to help out your organization. We are looking for all kinds of workers who want to do good for our Veterans in need. I can say that I am there for our Vets - can you?

Once again check out the pictures of what our organization is doing and I hope to see some more Vets come out to help us. This is a part of our organization program and it ties in with the food drives and money raised by our membership.

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