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United Veterans Beacon House Stories

My Thoughts About Promise, SD

I would like to talk about our trip to Promise, South Dakota to work on another one of United Veterans Beacon House Projects. Those who made the trip were Peter Forbes, Loy Smith, Joe Sherman and myself.These trips involve a lot of time and hard work, but it is all worth it when you see the finished product. We don't get a lot of help but we are there for the Veterans and that's what counts

We have met many nice people who appreciate what we are there for and we make many new friends.

We had a lot of work to do in such a short time but I feel we accomplished a lot. We had to travel at least 40 miles a day from the Hotel to the school house and back each day which cuts down on the amount of time we could spend on the school. The pictures will show you that we did accomplish quite a bit. With the help of Bob and Patsy Marshall andLeon Red Dog we got a lot of it done. Patsy is the newest member of our Organization and I want to welcome her aboard and thank all of them all for all they did.

We also had the honor to do a Sweat and were guided through this by Leon Red Dog who is the Spiritual Leader for the Lakota Akicita there. We also attended the Tribal Council Meeting and talked about why we were there and that we needed more help from them.Just as we were leaving to head home Leon informed us that we are now Life Time Members of the Lakota Akicita Association. This is such a great honor and what a way to end our trip to Promise.

We will be heading back to South Dakota as soon as the weather gets better and are still looking for more help from the members of this Organization.If we as Veterans won't help each other then who will?We not only need to help our past Veterans but also we need to get the new Vets to join, because we will need them to carry on for us.

What have you done for a Vet TODAY?

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