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United Veterans Beacon House Stories

How Exciting...

The United Veterans Beacon House has been Expanded!

The Challenges have been made to participate in the Promise and Parade, South Dakota United Veterans Beacon Houses Working Bees and... The Successful Results Have To Be Seen To Be Believed... We will attempt to show you, through a series of pictures, just some of the progress on the United Veterans Beacon Houses... You Will Be Impressed and... maybe you will want to get involved in the project at some time in the future. More trips will be made so contact the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition at 1-877-838-4483 or Email us for more information.

Carla Evans, Nick and Helen Steogen, Ian and June Fraser, and Duncan and Kylie Forbes all came from Australia at their own expense to get involved in the renovations being undertaken at the sites in Promise and Parade, South Dakota. Not all of them had skills like carpentry, plumbing and electricity but they had heart and soon found just what they were good at after assessing the sites and getting instruction from Peter Forbes. The girls never imagined they would have "to screw" in sooooo many screws as just one of their many jobs!

Peter led them along the path to great accomplishment and they each came away with a feeling of ownership of the buildings and involvement in the United Veterans Beacon House Program. Many of those who participated, which also included Michael Breighner, Byron Tucker, Michael Murphy, Bill Van Leuven, Ed Faatz and Joe Stengline, all worked long days just for the benefit of their fellow Veterans - they wanted to make a difference and that they all did!

Peter Forbes - the person who wrote the grant that was awarded to our projects also now has all of the responsibility for the projects. He had the sometimes overwhelming task to transport people to South Dakota, pick others up at the airport or along the way, assign duties, get the supplies, arrange for accommodations, and on and on throughout the three and one-half weeks of the Working Bee.

"Thank you Peter for your continuing efforts to keep your word to Native American Veterans in South Dakota and Veterans throughout the country by bringing them this opportunity to improve themselves and their living conditions."

These are proud Veterans who just need a second chance and this
organization is doing that under the helm of Peter J. Forbes

Have a look at what has been accomplished and some of those who have made a difference...



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