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United Veterans Beacon House Stories

Being a good neighbor in Promise, South Dakota

UVBH Church

If you have been lucky enough to travel to the United Veterans Beacon House in Promise, SD you can't help but notice that just across the road from the UVBH is a small, Catholic Mission Church

ChurchIt is a truly moving experience to attend Mass at the Church surrounded by beautiful star quilts and other unique decorations done by the ladies of the parish.

St. Catherine's has a priest who travels well over 100 miles to say Masses in the surrounding towns and you know when it is time for Mass because the parking lot goes from empty to full in about ten minutes.

Peter Forbes and Michael Breighner couldn't help but notice that the little Parish Hall adjacent to the Church needed a new paint job. They made a deal with the parishioners that if they covered and taped the windows of the hall Peter and Mike would spray paint the building. As you can see they did an excellent job and now when there are refreshments after Mass all looks good!

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