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United Veterans Beacon House Stories

Up To A Challenge?

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Next May, five people are traveling all the way from Australia to assist as 'Working Bees' at a United Veterans Beacon House on a Native American Reservation in Promise, South Dakota and at a United Veterans Beacon House in Parade, South Dakota for Native American female Veterans with or without children.

Why are we coming?

    Because manpower is sadly lacking in the US.

Who do we represent?

    We are all members of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition,Australia and so we represent the other Australian members of this organization.

How are we coming?

    At our own expense we will be traveling to the United States via United Airlines.

How long will this trip last for?

    Flying hours, one way, are about 24. In-country at the Working Bee, will be three weeks with a weekend off for R&R.

What's the challenge?

    To see if you, America, can get five people to work alongside of us for three weeks! Wouldn't it be good if you could get more than five people?

What is needed?

    A willingness to work hard, a good attitude, the realization that you are not doing this for yourself but to help those who need help and to be able to take orders from those who know what has to be done - without complaining!

Are you up to it?

    Hope so! See you in May all being well. Come up and shake our hands, get to know some Aussies.

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