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Veterans Fund of the United States is a 501(C)(3) charitable corporation and all donated materials and moneys are tax deductible.

UVBH - New York

New York, USA

State of New York

Frank Amalfitano, President/CEO

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1715 Union Blvd.
Bay Shore, NY 11706

(631) 665-1571

The homeless Veteran problem in the United States is becoming more and more prevalent due to an increasing national socioeconomic crisis, a combined draw-down in our nations uniformed services, the "dumping" of psychiatric patients onto our nations streets as well as a host of other associated reasons.

If you have items to donate to the Bay Shore Thift Shop you can click HERE to get driving directions to the shop. Or if you live in Eastern Suffolk or Western Nassau Counties you can call (631) 665-1571 to arrange for us to pick the items up.

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We know that we alone cannot eradicate homelessness among the Veteran population. However, we can and do make a difference.
So can you, Get involved today!

The United Veterans Beacon House project also operates food pantries for Veterans and their families in need.

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Help support a United Veterans Beacon House

Dinnerware Set

Required Donation:  $45

Set of plates and dishes


Required Donation:  $180

Standard Twin Mattress Set

Microwave Oven

Required Donation:  $250

Standard 1000w Microwave


Required Donation:  $800

Standard Cloth Couch/Sofa

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