Veterans Fund of the United States

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VFUS Corporate Sponsor - Peerless Boilers

Thank You
For helping Vets in need.

Veterans Fund of the United States is a 501(C)(3) charitable corporation and all donated materials and moneys are tax deductible.

UVBH - Living Products Donation Page

Donate the following living products for
United Veterans Beacon Houses.

Be personally involved and take ownership of
Giving a Hand Up to Our Messengers of Peace and Freedom.

Your sponsorship of a product will be restricted to the product you donated for.
The images below are only representative of the actual items being purchased with your donations.

Bath Robe

Bath Robes, Cotton

Required Donation:  $56

Bath Robes, Cotton

Towel Set

Standard Set of Towels

Required Donation:  $50

Standard Set of Towels

Shower Set

Shower Cutain, Shower Mat Set

Required Donation:  $46

Shower Cutain, Shower Mat Set

What have you done for Veterans TODAY?

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