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Veterans Fund of the United States is a 501(C)(3) charitable corporation and all donated materials and moneys are tax deductible.

United Veterans Beacon House

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UVBH Mission Statement

The United Veterans Beacon House provides transitional, safe housing for homeless Veterans as they reintegrate into the society they willingly protected through their military service.

United Veterans Beacon House makes a difference through advocacy, education, retraining and employment.

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    UVBH Overview

    The homeless Veteran problem in the United States is becoming more and more prevalent due to an increasing national socioeconomic crisis, a combined draw-down in our nations uniformed services, the "dumping" of psychiatric patients onto our nations streets as well as a host of other associated reasons.

    The Veterans of Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition in response to the homeless Veteran problem, is operating comprehensive projects designed to assist the homeless Veteran. This project has been designated by the VVnW & The Veterans Coalition as the United Veterans Beacon House Project (UVBH). The United Veterans Beacon Houses are designed to offer a safe drug/alcohol-free haven, direct the Veteran to a multitude of support agencies offering assistance, and provide the veteran with decent shelter while the Veteran rebuilds his/her life.

    The concept of the UVBH is to provide housing for the Veteran to allow the Veteran to restructure and rebuild his/her life. The Veteran is allowed to stay in a UVBH for a period of six months to two years, a VA requirement. Studies have shown that with this length of stay, the Veteran has the ability to begin a new working career, change jobs as upward mobility dictates and amass the financial resources to become self-sufficient.

    During the Veteran's stay at a UVBH, a full range of services are provided including drug and alcohol counseling, PTSD counseling, other psychological and family counseling, life skills training, full employment counseling and a wide range of medical services.

    Each UVBH networks with existing community services and the Department of Veterans Affairs resources to insure against a duplication of services.

    Currently, the VVnW & The Veterans Coalition have United Veterans Beacon Houses in Promise, South Dakota: Akron, Pennsylvania; and 22 sites in New York. Proposed future sites include Parade, South Dakota; Norfolk, Virginia; New Mexico, Kansas and Montana.

    The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition are committed to continuing and expanding our United Veterans Beacon House Project. We intend to pursue this expansion through corporate contributions, government grants and programs and through our own fund-raising efforts.

    Our final goal is to extend the UVBHs program across as much of the country as is possible.

    We know that we alone cannot eradicate homelessness among the Veteran population. However, we can and do make a difference.
    So can you, Get involved today!

    The United Veterans Beacon House project also operates food pantries for Veterans and their families in need.

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