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News Alert...Please Read and Pass Along!

Proposed Freedom Café, UVBH & Veterans Culinary Institute located in Pittston Township, PA

Veterans in need relegated to Industrial Parks

To all Friends and Supporters of Veterans,

PLEASE take the time to read the information below and check out the website to get the full story.

I cannot plead with you enough to read it all and spread it to ALL your contacts, e-mail addresses, send the link to all and then call the Pittston Township Supervisors Adams, Rinaldi, and Marcellini on (570) 602-2071. Tell them to Respect the Service of the Veterans and REZONE the 4.62 acres so that we can continue to help our Brothers and Sisters who have given so much to the United States of America.

Pittston Township in NE Pennsylvania and some other local townships changed their zoning regulations so that Veterans are excluded from all areas of the townships other than Industrial areas. It doesn't just exclude Veterans but all transitional homes, aged care, shelters, etc. Therefore it is extremely urgent to obtain an exemption from the Zoning Regulationss or have the Supervisors rezone the 4.62 acres. This is about VETERANS.

We are trying to purchase a building previously operated as a 24 hour Veterinary Hospital which has been empty for 2.5 years. We raised the funds, proceeded with the planning to open the Freedom Café, House 10 Senior Veterans, Retrain Veterans in the Veterans Culinary Institute, House and Transition 20 Veterans in Need and employ 30+ Veterans.

The building is only 12 years old and the Veterinarian spent a million dollars on the inside and we can have this place operational within months. However, instead of me going on about these critical changes for Veterans, please check out: or to read the full story.

In the words of Sgt. Nate Chapman, The first Special Forces soldier killed in Afghanistan: "STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING".

Thanks for your Support of Veterans in Need.
Peter J Forbes
Veterans Fund of the United States, President

Please Recommend and Send this article to your friends if you feel Veterans deserve a Hand Up.
Timeline:--[ February 19th 2014 - PA Bank Approves and then at 11hr revokes Loan for Veterans Facility ]--
--[ January 28th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT part 2 ]--
--[ January 7th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT ]--
--[ August 26th 2013 - Vets aid center shut out ]--
--[ July 17th 2013 - Veterans Condemed in a Heartless Valley, Pennsylvania ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. supervisors vote down veteran housing ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. board denies zoning change for vets' facility ]--
--[ July 15th 2013 - Battle lines drawn over vets' facility ]--
--[ July 9th 2013 - Veterans in need relegated to Industrial Parks ]--
--[ July 8th 2013 - Battle lines drawn ]--
--[ July 3rd 2013 - Pittston Township = Old Town Pennsylvania Politics ]--
--[ June 30th 2013 - Valley with a Heart Going Cold on Veterans ]--
--[ June 24th 2013 - Pittston Township Board of Supervisors ]--
--[ June 4th 2013 - Pittston Township, PA Board of Supervisors and Zoning Board ]--
--[ April 5th 2013 - Pittston United Veterans Beacon House Project ]--

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