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Proposed Freedom Cafe, UVBH & Veterans Culinary Institute located in Pittston Township, PA

Pittston Township = Old Town Pennsylvania Politics

To: Pittston TWP Supervisors, Zoning Board members
Subject: Rezoning of Property at 755 Pittston Bypass, Pittston

Warning: This may offend Politically Correct individuals:
If you are one of those individuals, do not read any further.

I have been told by lawyers and others in the know that I am dealing with Old Town Pennsylvania Politics and that I need to Kiss Ass if I expect to get the property that I wish to use to House Senior Veterans, operate the Freedom Café, Veterans Culinary Institute and Transitional Housing for Veterans in Need rezoned. I have been told my letter is too harsh and that is not the way it is done in small town USA. Here is the news, it is 2013 and it is the age of telephones, faxes, computers and every sort of communications possible. No I am not politically correct, I talk straight and honest and wish politicians did the same and if that offends you perhaps you should take some courses on honesty, integrity and responsibility.

Let me tell you straight out, you are elected by the people including Veterans of Pittston Township to do the right thing. I am not about to kiss your ass to help Veterans. Veterans deserve the respect they have earned by keeping You Free. It may pay to Remember that every day you wake to the Freedom you have at a great cost to Veterans! They certainly deserve better than they are getting in this stalling/blocking action that is being perpetrated by Officers in the Pittston Township Office.

We started this process in November 2012 which can be verified and the information we received was that we were within Zoning. We didn't keep it a secret, we told everyone what we were anticipating to do at the facility and what more Pittston Township knew what we wanted to do. We were an open book, however openness is responded to with deceit.

Then in February 2013 Pittston Township elected to change the Zoning so that many including Veterans would be relegated to Industrial Areas. Yes we have just found out that Pittston Township voted in new Zoning regulations in February 2013 that place Veterans into Transitional Housing into Industrial Areas only. Well, What PATRIOTS! One of the Supervisors is even a Veteran, Steve Rinaldi. Next time you see him, thank him for the support of Veterans. He told us repeatedly that he was fully supportive of the project. Forked tongue obviously.

Then we find some of these so called Patriots are standing for Political and Magisterial Office. Who would vote for so-called Patriots that would vote to exclude Veterans from being given a place to see out their days, a second chance, train for a new career and employment?

Prior to the Zoning meeting, Attorney O'Connor, Attorney Mecadon, and Terry Best had a conflab by themselves and when completed Attorney O'Connor came back and told me that Atty. Mecadon was going to fix this as a favor to Atty. O'Connor. That obviously didn't happen. No Honor There!

In fact Pittston Township Supervisors, you should be Kissing Our Ass for looking after your American and Pittston Veterans. We are the ones that are putting our members' money out there and doing all the work.

300,000 Homeless or "In Need" Veterans in America is a National Shame

You would rather see Veterans sleep under bridges or in doorways than to do the right thing and rezone 4.62 acres that will have no effect other than positive on anyone in the area and there is No One who objected to the project.

Pittston Twp Supervisors, have some guts to do the right thing for Veterans and REZONE the 4.62 acres and give Veterans a Hand Up and the Respect they deserve and have earned.

Wyoming Valley has always been know as the "Valley with a Heart", I am sure Pittston and other Townships who elected to put new similar zoning regulations in place will become known as the "Valley with NO Heart".

When there are 300,000 homeless or Veterans in Need in the US and the VA only funds no more than 20,000 beds, if it wasn't for Non Profits like us many more would be abandoned. Do you have any responsibility for the National Shame or is it someone else's problem? Perhaps you are not part of a Government of the People?

Peter J Forbes
Veterans Fund of the United States, President

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Timeline:--[ February 19th 2014 - PA Bank Approves and then at 11hr revokes Loan for Veterans Facility ]--
--[ January 28th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT part 2 ]--
--[ January 7th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT ]--
--[ August 26th 2013 - Vets aid center shut out ]--
--[ July 17th 2013 - Veterans Condemed in a Heartless Valley, Pennsylvania ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. supervisors vote down veteran housing ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. board denies zoning change for vets' facility ]--
--[ July 15th 2013 - Battle lines drawn over vets' facility ]--
--[ July 9th 2013 - Veterans in need relegated to Industrial Parks ]--
--[ July 8th 2013 - Battle lines drawn ]--
--[ July 3rd 2013 - Pittston Township = Old Town Pennsylvania Politics ]--
--[ June 30th 2013 - Valley with a Heart Going Cold on Veterans ]--
--[ June 24th 2013 - Pittston Township Board of Supervisors ]--
--[ June 4th 2013 - Pittston Township, PA Board of Supervisors and Zoning Board ]--
--[ April 5th 2013 - Pittston United Veterans Beacon House Project ]--

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