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Valley with a Heart Going Cold on Veterans

Veterans would like your help in bringing an injustice and disrespect to Veterans to light due to Pennsylvania's Pittston Township's new zoning regulations restricting Transitional Veterans housing programs, Senior Veterans Housing and Culinary Training and Employment to be established in only Industrial Areas.

Please see attached information on Veterans project at 755 Pittston Bypass, Pittston, PA 18640.

This is not a small issue as the same person put the new zoning regulations together for several Townships in the Northeast Pennsylvania area. This has huge ramifications for Veterans if continued.

I understand we are all very busy people, however, I also understand that you have the desire to help Our Veterans as we do.

Instead of me going through a long winded recitation on what has happened, I have put down some points that are causing us great concern as we go forward assisting our Messengers of Peace and Freedom. I have also attached just a couple of informative pieces of correspondence.

  1. Why are American Townships changing their zoning to exclude Veterans from being housed after their Service to the United States of America?
  2. Why would we isolate our Veterans into Industrial Areas which is against all Medical Advice? PTSD attempts to make Veterans into Hermits, that is what an Industrial Area would do.
  3. Small Town Politics disrespects Veterans in Need after their service to the United States of America.
  4. A section of the project is acceptable to the zoning (Freedom Café), just not the 10 Senior Veterans, the 20 Veterans in Need and the Veterans Culinary Institute. Yet, the prior owners of the property, a 24-hour Veterinary Hospital, had in its plans overnight accommodation. Therefore, the Grandfather clause should apply.
  5. Now we have found out that after seven months and many thousands of dollars and being pushed into several different Boards that the township was never going to allow Veterans to be Employed, Housed, Trained or Cared for.
  6. The Pittston Township Zoning Officer, Mr. Terry Best, lied to us about the possibilities of approval as did the Zoning Board.
  7. We cannot understand why 4.62 acres without surrounding neighbors, ringed by a creek, could not be rezoned for VETERANS - those Special Americans that deserve ALL we can do for them. The premise that if the Township did that they would have to do it for others is falsehood. Every application should be viewed on its own merits and there is no better focus than those that have laid down their lives so we can live free. Now they come home damaged and in Need and we do not want them in our backyard.
  8. We have the funds secured and the great need is there.
  9. There must be somebody in America that is willing to stand up for Veterans - those who have provided and enforced OUR FREEDOMS.

I can only hope that you see this fight as one for the Freedom and Respect all Veterans should be provided after their Service to their Country.

The Board of Supervisors in Pittston Township has the ability to grant a special exemption or rezone the 4.62 acres for Veterans. They choose not to! Steven Rinaldi, a township supervisor, is a Veteran and he has told us several times that this project would be good for Veterans and it would be approved. I have asked them to reconsider and have given them a deadline of Wednesday, July 3, 2013 to respond.

Wyoming Valley was always known as the "Valley with a Heart" obviously that will change to the "Valley with NO Heart" You can see further information on and

My Cell phone is XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXX-XXXX as I will be travelling to Veterans Let Freedom Ring Festival in Thibodaux, LA .I hope to hear from you .We hope for your support.

Peter J Forbes
Veterans Fund of the United States, President

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--[ July 9th 2013 - Veterans in need relegated to Industrial Parks ]--
--[ July 8th 2013 - Battle lines drawn ]--
--[ July 3rd 2013 - Pittston Township = Old Town Pennsylvania Politics ]--
--[ June 30th 2013 - Valley with a Heart Going Cold on Veterans ]--
--[ June 24th 2013 - Pittston Township Board of Supervisors ]--
--[ June 4th 2013 - Pittston Township, PA Board of Supervisors and Zoning Board ]--
--[ April 5th 2013 - Pittston United Veterans Beacon House Project ]--

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