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To: Pittston Township, PA Board of Supervisors and Zoning Board.

Subject: Property at 755 Pittston Bypass Questions

I am writing to you all as a few questions asked at the Zoning Hearing (that was not actually a Zoning Hearing) offended me and I am sure hundreds of thousands of Veterans throughout the United States would also be offended. Veterans should be held in the Highest Esteem as they have gone that extra mile for the Freedoms we live in everyday. Yet sadly they are not and I wonder as an Australian Veteran where the American Patriotism and Pride have gone or is it just apathy?

Why were we led down the wrong path causing a more lengthy and protracted process? Why did the Zoning Officer for Pittston Township, Terry Best, lead us down the wrong path and waste our time and money?

Why would a member of the Pittston Township Zoning Board suggest that we should build or look for a building for Veterans in an Industrial Park or in Dupont?

Are Veterans not worthy to be housed, employed and trained in a public area? Is an Industrial Area acceptable for your mother or father to live there? NO! Then why would it be respectful for Veterans, those special people who provide the freedom that you have to be on the board, or committee.

Why would we put the Freedom Café in an Industrial area and not in a busy location? Isn't it always with retail outlets - Location! Location! Location! A great deal of money had been spent by the previous owner and that makes it even better for Veterans and the Organization that is putting it altogether. The previous owner had overnight accommodations within its approved planning. Why is this not grandfathered into what we want to do?

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The usual low standard facility offered to Veterans is pictured. This is what we start with most of the time, buildings that should be demolished or at best need massive renovations and we have to pay for these exorbitant renovations. That is not the case with this building and we have secured the funds.

There are 4.6 acres in the property surrounded by a waterway, no housing neighboring the property and none that can be put there in the future. Then what is the issue? Give Veterans a chance to live out their lives after service to their country, give them a great place to transition back into society they willingly defended, a second chance - they have earned it!! Give them a great Café and Culinary Institute to learn and be employed and where members of the Public can be WOWED with the excellence in service and cuisine.

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I do not understand the stance by Pittston Township against Veterans, let's leave the legal garble out of this, Veterans Deserve the best America can provide them, yet you would rather see a building that has been empty for over two years and decaying each day it is unoccupied than rezone 4.6 acres so that Veterans can have a place of beauty and prestige to live in, learn in and be employed.

There was not one opposing argument at the Public Meeting and I believe if the piece of land was rezoned for Veterans, it would be applauded by not only the people of Pittston Township but by U.S Veterans.

We now find that we are delayed again. Mr. Best told us to file the Zoning application, that he would have to deny the use but then we should file an application for a Zoning hearing to obtain a special exemption. Image our dismay when at the start of the hearing the Zoning Board told us that they could not give us a special exemption and we should have gone to the Board of Supervisors first. Now we have to go back after a Board of Supervisors meeting to the Zoning Board if the Board of Supervisors approve the rezoning of 4.6 acres in question. If the Board of Supervisors approve the rezoning why do we have to go back to the Zoning Board to get their approval?

Why don't Veterans get the respect that they deserve? Everybody talks about supporting our troops but when it really comes down to supporting our troops nobody walks the walk - it is just talk.

We formally request all copies of minutes of meetings, letters of disagreement or letters of support regarding our request for approval of this building for Veterans.

From this point on all information regarding this project will be posted on our Websites.

We cannot wait forever. We want to help Veterans. We want to give them something special. Do you?

Please rezone the 4.6 acres for Veterans - do the right thing and the patriotic thing. Do it for our messengers of peace and freedom. You will be applauded for it.

Peter J Forbes
Veterans Fund of the United States, President

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