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To: Pittston Township Board of Supervisors

Subject: Pittston United Veterans Beacon House Project

The Building at 755 South Township Blvd is in very good condition and we want to construct and operate four different, yet connected programs within the premises:

  1. Provide 10 Senior Veterans, with or without Handicaps, with single room to "end of life" living. Eight of these rooms are very easily renovated within the first two months of ownership and the following two within the first three months. These Veterans will be our first to be housed. If the Veterans Culinary Institute is not successful then there could be an increase to 17 Senior Veterans. This number is again stated in No 2. However, as the extra rooms are on the ground floor either could be accomplished.
  2. Provide 20 Homeless Veterans Transitional Housing where Trade and Life Skills will be taught including Food Service and Skills through the following programs. If the Veterans Culinary Institute is not successful then there would be an increase to 27 in the number of Homeless Veterans or Veterans in need that will be housed. As the Homeless Rooms are double occupancy greater numbers and value can be gained from these Veterans.
  3. Furnish and operate the Freedom Café where 82 seats will be available for Coffee, Breakfast through evening 6 days per week. This will include training and 40 Employment positions for Veterans in all aspects of Food service. It is our best informed estimate that 109,000 customers will patronize the Café each year. That is just 364 customers per day, a low figure for this proposal. We will construct a Drive-Thru Coffee shop where 50,000 customers will patronize the facility each year. That is just 166 per day, a very low figure.
  4. Renovate a section of the Facility with the Food Network and other notable Chefs in support for us to facilitate a Veterans Culinary Institute where 15 to 20 Veterans will be educated to become Chefs, Cooks, Managers and Restaurant Staff. These Veterans will be mainly returning and retiring Veterans seeking a new direction in a meaningful civilian career after serving their country. It is expected that we will be able to obtain some of the funding from Veterans Industries, GI Bill and CWT VA Programs.Other funding could come from Grants that we will apply for.
  5. Why do the Veterans Fund of the United States and The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition believe they can carry these projects? No, I am not superman, I travel a great deal, yet am a committed and driven President of the Veterans Fund of the United States and the U.S National Commander of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc & The Veterans Coalition. I have other members of the Organization that will be supporting the project. United Veterans Beacon House is a Program of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition and Managed and Grantee for this Program that has been in operation for over 14 years housing and supporting over 10,000 Veterans with housing focuses and transitional housing.

Mr. Frank Amalfitano who is the CEO of our United Veterans Beacon House in New York will manage the Senior Veterans and Homeless Veterans Housing. Mr. Amalfitano will be supported by his NY staff along with local staff.

The National Executive Director will be overseeing the accounting for the project along with a focused Bookkeeper/Accountant. We have already received experienced and professional café program information and recommendations.

Our highly dedicated Webmaster Shawn Cowman is an "outside of the box thinker" and will encapsulate the Electronic Media through web design, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media.

Peter Forbes, President and U.S.National Commander has had culinary training as well as operating his own Restaurant. I have also lived in over 26 countries and visited greater than 40 more throughout my career as an Engineer.

Our Master Contractor and Board Member is Lawrence Collins from Cornerstone Construction and has been part of our team through the last two United Veterans Beacon House Construction and Renovations.

Loy Smith, a Board Member, has worked at most Working Bees throughout the United States and has very high trade skills that he offers.

We have also been offered support from our own Membership.

Lowes have offered us labor and discount support.We will also lodge Grants with them.

Home Depot has offered labor support. We will also lodge Grants with them. We will lodge Grants with as many philanthropic areas as possible. We have a high percentage of Grant grantees.

This not our first Rodeo. In fact, the United Veterans Beacon House projects in Promise and Parade, SD are far greater commitments, funding and grant than the proposed Pittston Project.

How the Veterans Fund is going to proceed and milestones.

We expect the first eight Senior Veterans to become residents within the first three months and this will bring in $12,000 per month and then the following two rooms would be completed within the following month providing an additional $3000 per month.

While this is being completed the three other sites programs will be worked on:

  1. The Café section will be cleaned and repainted, equipment, furniture and Café needs will be ordered along with support to design and complete out kitchen facility from the Food Network and other Chefs. Chefs, Management et. will be advertised and positions offered. Staff will be trained to be ready for Opening at month 6 to 8.
  2. The Kitchen facility, lecture and training rooms will be renovated and set up for the Culinary Institute and we have suggested to the Food Network a program for airing on that network about these Veterans being retrained from Combat to Culinary Skills. We believe that this will be completed prior to month 12. Therefore, ready to start in first term of 2014.
  3. The second floor will be renovated at the same time as with other volunteers and we believe the building will be in full operation and occupancy within 12 months of completed sale. We can place Transitional Housing in the second floor or as the VA has just informed us that could put in HUDVASH Apartments and they would be paid at a greater rate than Transitional Housing, In fact, market valuewould work out greater than Per Diem rates. Therefore,putting20 Veterans in Need (Homeless Veterans) into the facility at VA Per Diem rate it would be $1260 per month equaling $24,000 per month. The second floor does not have to be all completed prior to residential occupancy.
  4. A great percentage of our foodstuff come from Membership, Public Food Drives, Food Banks and Corporate food donations.

The Organization you are dealing with.

The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition was established in Wilkes- Barre, PA over 35 years ago due to a need to have Vietnam Veterans serviced by the VA for wounds received during the war. This establishment was due to the rejection of Vietnam Veterans by established Veterans Service Organizations. Now we work in conjunction with most of them. We do not promote alcohol within our Posts and only have two Posts throughout the U.S that have such an availability.

We are a VA and Federal Government certified Veterans Service Organization.We have posts throughout the US, Canada and six other countries and we are growing as we have always serviced Veterans from WW2 through to Current Serving. We only have two paid Staff and have never had any others - the National Executive Director and the Webmaster are the only paid staff. Volunteers are our main stay and life blood.

The Veterans Fund of the United States is the 501(c)3 arm of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition. It is the arm that applies for Grants and Manages the United Veterans Beacon Houses. The Veterans Fund is an accredited and approved Care Provider for the Department of Veterans Affairs. We have an 80% success rate in Transitioning Veterans back into the society they willingly defended.Therefore, Grants for Capital and Per Diem are much more likely to be provided to a long established, approved Care Provider.

We have just completed a million dollar project for Homeless Native American Veterans in Promise, SD with Volunteers so we do not see other than a much easier renovation due to it being so close to the International Headquarters.We do where others err. We take on the challenges and we need support of Banks and Financial Institutions so that we can care for more Veterans. We Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk however, when it comes to the hard yards we are the one making those yards.

"An Organization succeeds, not because it is long established, but because there are people in it who live it, sleep it, dream it, and build future plans for it".


There are over 300,000 homeless Veterans living on the streets of the United States every night and the number will grow as large numbers of troops with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Damage and Amputation return to the United States and try and get back their lives. This is a National and Moral Shame. The Richest and Greatest Country in the world can reject Veterans after they have served their country with great Pride and Patriotism. We have seen in many sections of the News and in the Courts that the Department of Veterans Affairs, instead of being helpful and supportive of Veterans, have become adversarial. This has to change and all Veterans have earned their chance at a new career and life as well as some who need that second chance, they have earned.

Drugs, Alcohol, PTSD, TBI, numbness and the ravages of war changes All.

I could quote you the promises, commitments, oaths and legislation that have been given to Veterans going back to Abraham Lincoln, however, if these are never completed then they have no value. I remember several of the last Presidents of the United States making statements like they will end Homelessness in Veterans within four years! Others have said they would streamline the Compensation process for Veterans and we still see amputees waiting from six to twelve months for their claims to be processed.

In closing

We believe we will be very competitive and successful in this project and we are available to answer any questions or provide greater detail. As we will be travelling and working in South Dakota, please call on XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXX-XXXX on 8th till 10th of April and 21st onwards . Phone contact in SD is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Email address

Yours Sincerely,

Peter J Forbes
President:VFUSU.S National Commander: VVnW & TVC
Nancy Verespy
Board MemberExec Director:VVnW & TVC
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Timeline:--[ February 19th 2014 - PA Bank Approves and then at 11hr revokes Loan for Veterans Facility ]--
--[ January 28th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT part 2 ]--
--[ January 7th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT ]--
--[ August 26th 2013 - Vets aid center shut out ]--
--[ July 17th 2013 - Veterans Condemed in a Heartless Valley, Pennsylvania ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. supervisors vote down veteran housing ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. board denies zoning change for vets' facility ]--
--[ July 15th 2013 - Battle lines drawn over vets' facility ]--
--[ July 9th 2013 - Veterans in need relegated to Industrial Parks ]--
--[ July 8th 2013 - Battle lines drawn ]--
--[ July 3rd 2013 - Pittston Township = Old Town Pennsylvania Politics ]--
--[ June 30th 2013 - Valley with a Heart Going Cold on Veterans ]--
--[ June 24th 2013 - Pittston Township Board of Supervisors ]--
--[ June 4th 2013 - Pittston Township, PA Board of Supervisors and Zoning Board ]--
--[ April 5th 2013 - Pittston United Veterans Beacon House Project ]--

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