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PA Bank Approves and then at 11hr revokes Loan for Veterans Facility. Peoples Security Bank.

Under Peoples Neighborhood Bank,Clarks Summit,PA we had a loan approved for the old Animal Hospital on the Pittston Bypass, We had negotiated a great deal. We had all the architectural plans, NFSA Sprinkler plans, Quotes from local Companies to provide required materials etc, written to our member to get their volunteer support, Written Grants to bring in Funds.

When we first approached the Bank recommended to us, they informed us they had plenty of Gas money to provide to COMMUNITY projects. What happened when the mergerbecame Peoples Security Bank,They don't now want to provide money to COMMUNITY projects. Obviously the merger wasn't and isn't in the best interest of the COMMUNITY.

Once the merger came and it became the Peoples Security Bank. Out of the Blue, just one week before closing they called to say they have re-evaluated loans and have cancelled ours.

If the financials and documents were more than required for the Peoples Neighborhood Bank then why aren't the same documents and financials good enough for the Peoples Security Bank? Do they have someone else that wants the building and this is their way of doing business?Perhaps they are against Veterans like Pittston Twp and Pittston City.

I wonder who or if anyone else got screwed or was it just the Veterans project?

No one came to the office, just a phone call, so instead of the Black Hearted Valley, now we also have the Black Heart of the Bankers. That one was in San Francisco and now it is here.

That is how unprofessional the Peoples Security Banks is. If the info was good enough for the Peoples Neighborhood Bank, then it should be good enough for the Peoples Security Bank?

Me personally I would have nothing to do with this local Bank "Peoples Security Bank of Clark Summit" Just the Name alone gives you the impression that the Bank is set up for the People, perhaps it is, Just not for Veterans. Perhaps they have someone they are Gumbas with that want the building and Pittston Twp would sure go along with that. Anyone but Veterans!

Sundays Times Leader Newspaper lead story was about "Circle of Trust Broken in Luzerne County" does anyone believe that was the end of it or was all of the culprits?

Back then they said they had only touched the tip of the iceberg!

One has to wonder seeing the Old Boys Club still operates in the area, if Pittston TwpsAdams, Attardo, Rinaldi, Best, or the Pittston City Fathers had a hand in this re-evaluation? We even had to change our plans at a great cost 4 times before Pittston Twp would approve it. Veterans money that now has been wasted. Rinaldi is a disgrace in being a Veteran and then spurn them. Pittston Twp Supervisors had stated that as long as they got their taxes they were not concerned if the building was empty.

They have put up as many road blocks as possible in our way and made it quite clear that they do not want Veterans in their Community. Well they have succeeded, What Patriots!

As a Totally and Permanently Incapacitate Veteran of 65 years of age, I do not have the time in my life to waste, taken to get this project shovel ready and then have the Peoples Security Banks merger caused our loan to be re-evaluated when it was approved and extended. The bank told us they were working on the paperwork for me to sign off on loan closing. They obviously LIED. The unprofessional operations of the Bank lead you to believe that they are not here to assist People. Something smells rotten in this deal as we only spoke with the Bank the day before, the week before and we had a meeting with the bank just on a week before the devastating new and all was OK then.

Yes, I am devastated as I have put in thousands of hours, gotten thousands of hours of Veteran and Non Volunteer worker ready hours, put in for Grants,had Architectural Plans completed, NFSA Sprinklers plans completed, purchased equipment, gotten local contractors to quote on various jobs and now they have wasted their time and the list just goes on.

Yes Veterans and their families who would have been employed are devastated. Not only have they lost their jobs, they have also lost their non-military careers.

Yes The Veteran Farmers supplying all the produce and Veterans providing all the needs for the Freedom Café & Bakery will also loose.

The Peoples Security Bank must be so proud of themselves! Another group of Patriots.

The Bank should have to pay for all of the accrued debt that has been incurred by The Veterans Fund of the United States. If they had been upfront and professional we would not have accrued the debt in plans etc the Pittston Twp required.

When will this ANTI VETERAN attitude stop, when will the real Patriots stand up and say enough is enough, give these Veterans what they deserve, the best we can offer.

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