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Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT

I was told to hold it until after closing on the Animal Hospital...

The St Rocco's Church facilities which included a Convent, Rectory and School was offered to the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc & The Veterans Coalition through the Veterans Fund of the United States by the Catholic Church for use for Veterans in Need.

After having trouble with Pittston Township rejecting Veterans we asked Father Joe how would we go with Pittston City, he told us it is what you know it is who you know! Well it turns out that Pittston City is no different that Pittston Twp. They stated "They want to upgrade Pittston City and they don't want any Veterans Home or any property that has more than two people that are not connected by blood"

Let me tell you how the Convent and Rectory was set out, there was the bedroom and between each two bedrooms was a full bathroom, there was at least 2 common rooms, kitchen, dining room and all amenities. These facilities would not take that much volunteer hours to bring it up to code.

The school would have to have much more and the ground floor could have been used as a training workshop for residents.

I have to tell you I am bloody sick of these so called Patriots that spew that they support Veterans and then exclude them on the other side of their face. Rejection is rejection is no different no matter which way it is packaged.

The City Fathers as they are called never act like fathers, just like dictators who make rules to exclude Veterans from their precious City of Pittston. A City that was built by miners from all over the world who immigrated here to find a better life and many of those families served their Country in the wars that followed. Now these City Fathers say they want to upgrade Pittston City and get rid of the Riff Raff and undesirables. I cannot put Veterans in this category, obviously the City Fathers can, then don't call yourselves Patriots and I would have a problem calling them Americans.

The area has so many flop houses that are not upto code, not fit for human habitation and many undesirables, yet they will not allow a regulated Veterans Home with proven records of Transition in. These people need to look at themselves and remember where they come from.

What the Hell are they thinking? Do they think they are better than Veterans?

Where is their sense of Honor and their Humanity?

Where is their Common Decency?

Where is their Love of Country?

Please STOP shoppingin Pittston City, shop where they SUPPORT and WELCOME HOME Veterans. Shop as a Patriot and an American.

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Timeline:--[ February 19th 2014 - PA Bank Approves and then at 11hr revokes Loan for Veterans Facility ]--
--[ January 28th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT part 2 ]--
--[ January 7th 2014 - Pittston City shuts Veterans OUT ]--
--[ August 26th 2013 - Vets aid center shut out ]--
--[ July 17th 2013 - Veterans Condemed in a Heartless Valley, Pennsylvania ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. supervisors vote down veteran housing ]--
--[ July 16th 2013 - Pittston Twp. board denies zoning change for vets' facility ]--
--[ July 15th 2013 - Battle lines drawn over vets' facility ]--
--[ July 9th 2013 - Veterans in need relegated to Industrial Parks ]--
--[ July 8th 2013 - Battle lines drawn ]--
--[ July 3rd 2013 - Pittston Township = Old Town Pennsylvania Politics ]--
--[ June 30th 2013 - Valley with a Heart Going Cold on Veterans ]--
--[ June 24th 2013 - Pittston Township Board of Supervisors ]--
--[ June 4th 2013 - Pittston Township, PA Board of Supervisors and Zoning Board ]--
--[ April 5th 2013 - Pittston United Veterans Beacon House Project ]--

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